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Primum Africa Consulting (PAC) is a private and independent firm, based in Dakar. It specializes in surveys and consultancy, strategy and communication, organization of campaigns, relationships with the media, media training and translation of documents.

Primum Africa Consulting has worked with UN agencies, international institutions, states and big companies.

The firm, headed by Abdou Khadre LĂ´, is the leader of the Consortium. It hosts the office of the awareness program in Dakar. The team consists of:

Coumba Geneviève Diémé, Communication Assistant
M. Talla Cissé, IT & Web Manager
Ramatoulaye Ndiaye, Administration, Finance and Logistics Assistant

Mermoz Extension, Lot 12, N°5 – PO Box 45680 Dakar Fann (Senegal)
Tel: +221 827 52 54 – Fax: +221 33 827 52 55
Email: – Site web:


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