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The outreach program for the African Extraordinary Chambers (EAC) is implemented by an external unit, the outreach consortium, under the coordination of the communication cell within the management structure of the EAC Administration.

Selected by the EAC following a competitive call for bids issued in late 2013, the outreach consortium is composed of three organizations that are well known in the fields of human rights and communication:

• Its leader, Primum Africa Consulting is based in Dakar. It is a communication and consultancy firm that is well known for its expertise and professionalism by many NGOs, institutions, states and big companies.

• MAGI Communications is based in Ndjamena. This firm of consultants has expertise in t the social, legal, and communications fields and is used by many actors at the national and continental level.

• RCN Justice & Démocratie is based in Brussels. This NGO was created after the genocide in Rwanda and through its justice programs strives to strengthen the rule of law in transition countries.

This consortium of organizations was selected to inform people in Senegal, Chad, Africa and the world, on the proceedings in Dakar to pursue “the ones mostly involved in the international crimes committed in Chad from 1982 to 1990”.

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