MAGI Communications

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Magi Communications Presse & Services is a firm of consultants and experts, based in N’Djamena. The firm conducts research in various fields of communication, development, law and marketing. It is also involved in the organization of training, facilitation and moderation of conferences and seminars, coaching of associations and community-based organizations, etc.

Magi Communications has worked for the Economic Commission for Africa, the European Union and other international institutions.

The firm is in charge of the outreach program in N’Djamena and is headed by Gilbert Maoundonodji. He is responsible for the project in Chad. The team consists of:

Targoto Tangar, Communication Assistant
Yode Miangotar, Facilitator
Eugenie Sanodji, Administration, Finance and Logistics Assistant

MAGI. Communications, Presse & Services
PO Box 4543 – N’Djaména (Chad)
Tel: +235 52 52 30/ 29 34 18/ 27 17 63

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