Key principles

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The objective is to develop a dynamic and responsive program in line with the reality anchored in Chad and Senegal that enables the promotion of the role of the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC) on the continent and around the world, through respect of the public and the parties at the trial and relying on the following key principles:

• Neutrality. Implemented by a consortium of organizations experienced in strengthening the rule of law and communication, the program operates without discrimination to all members of the society targeted and all parties at the trial.

• Independence. The awareness program strives, just like the judiciary, to respect the principle of independence towards the authorities and political opinions, and to provide accurate and balanced information, without acting as the defender or the prosecutor.

• Participation. It is now agreed that a good awareness program should not focus exclusively on the proceedings. The program will primarily address the concerns of those affected in the community by trying to provide answers to their questions.

• Interactivity. This program was developed thanks to tools and initiatives designed with the intention to establish interactive communication, working as much as possible in both directions between the African Chambers, the affected communities, and all audiences.

• Proximity. Present in Senegal and Chad through its focal points, this program seeks to maximize its impact and relevance through local partnerships with the media, civil society, academia and cultural actors even in the most remote places.

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