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The judicial cooperation between the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC) and Chad is crucial to the success of the judicial process. It is the subject of an agreement signed on May 3, 2013 between the Republic of Chad and the Republic of Senegal.

Through this agreement, the parties have agreed to grant each other “the biggest legal and judicial support possible for the African Extraordinary Chambers within the Senegalese jurisdiction” within the framework of the prosecution of the international crimes committed in Chad between June 7, 1982 and December 1, 1990.

This agreement specifies the framework, namely: transmission of pleadings between the two countries, including the transmission of official or public documents or archives; production of evidence or the attendance of witnesses before the magistrates of the EAC; the transit of prisoners who may stand as witnesses; immunities and protections granted to witnesses and experts; providing rogatory letters by the EAC on Chadian territory.

Through this agreement, Chad also commits in Article 17 to “cooperate for the effective implementation and dissemination of awareness programs developed in the framework of the EACs in the territory of the Republic of Chad” and promote “the distribution of documents and the organization of conferences to raise awareness of Chadian civil society through advocacy agencies”.

The agreement finally commits Chad to “broadcast on radio and public television, in line with the national procedures, the records of the trial and relevant hearings and allow private broadcasters to do so as well”.

On November 15, 2013, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the communication unit of the EAC and the communication unit of the judicial Pool in charge of implementing the procedure inside the Chadian Ministry of Justice. This agreement confirms their commitment to establish a framework for exchanges and ongoing consultation.

Judiciary cooperation agreement between Senegal and Chad [French]

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