Hugo Jombwe

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Hugo JOMBWE, expert in international criminal law, coordinator of the activities. He worked as a coordinator of “Memory of the trials of genocide” in Rwanda for Avocats Sans Frontières (Lawyers without Borders ASF). He has created various teaching tools for Rwandan legal practitioners and provided training for judicial actors in Rwanda and Burundi. While with ASF, Hugo JOMBWE served as Head of Mission in Rwanda where he developed a jurisdiction training manual Gacaca and a training manual for trainers. Finally, Mr. JOMBWE served as Director of ASF France for six years, where he was responsible for the development and management of internal and external communication policy. Under that position, he coordinated ASF France’s actions on public awareness at the trials of the Khmer Rouge. He is the author of several studies and books, including a study on the Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

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