18. Is Chad cooperating with the EAC?

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A judicial cooperation agreement was signed between Senegal and Chad on May 30, 2013. The two countries pledged to grant each other the widest possible legal and judicial support for the EAC.

Chad cooperates in international rogatory commissions, during which victims and witnesses are interviewed, confrontations are organized, access to archives and the identification of mass graves are facilitated, and research for evidence for the prosecution and the defence is carried out. A specialized judicial pool was created in N’Djamena, Chad, composed of judges who carry out in Chad the judicial acts requested by the EAC and assist the Chambers in the framework of this cooperation, particularly during the hearing of witnesses and recording of victims.

International arrest warrants and requests for transfer of suspects being held in Chad were also launched by the EAC.

Chad didn’t proceed to the transfer of two suspects who were held in custody. They were alternatively tried and sentenced before a national court.

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